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How do automated balance payments work?

Will my balance payment be taken automatically? 
Visit Manage my Booking to see if we’ll take your balance payment automatically. This will happen if:

  • You paid your booking deposit via our online platform

  • You paid your booking deposit using a debit or credit card

Please note: As stated on the booking checkout page, we’ll attempt to automatically take your balance payment 10 days before the final due date on the card you paid the deposit with, as stated on the booking page.
Example: Your balance due date is 15 September. We will try to charge your card on 5 September.
Why 10 days? If the automatic payment fails, you’ll still have more than a week to make the balance payment. If that happens, we’ll remind you via SMS and email.

Can I opt out of the automated balance payment?
If you’re unable to make the balance payment using the same payment method you used for your booking deposit payment, please contact us to opt out before the due date as stated on the Manage my Booking page.

What if I can’t pay with the same card? 
You can pay with a different card or PayPal account any time before the auto-payment date. If the automated charge is unsuccessful, you’ll still have more than a week to make the balance payment using a different payment method.

I’ve edited my booking. Will my balance payment still be taken automatically? 
If your booking was edited when you’d only paid the booking deposit, we’ll update your balance due date and automatically take the balance payment 10 days before the updated balance due date.
If your booking was edited after you paid your full balance, and you’ve got an outstanding additional balance payment, we won’t charge your card automatically.

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