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What should I do if the owner makes a claim on my damage deposit?

We collect, hold and return damage deposits for most online bookings made through the TripAdvisor vacation rental platform and network of sites, but some are managed by the property owners. 

You can check the details and status of your damage deposit in
Manage your holiday booking.

If TripAdvisor is holding the damage deposit

You pay the damage deposit when settling the full balance for your holiday. 

10 days after you check out from your stay, unless the owner raises a claim, we will initiate transfer of the refund*. 
*If you paid via PayPal you should receive the refund on the same day it is initiated. If you paid by debit/credit card, timings depend on your card provider - the average is three days.

What should I do if the owner raises a claim? 

If the owner raises a claim, your damage deposit will be placed on hold and you will be notified via email. 

Go to
Manage your holiday booking to see the claim details. If you agree with the requested amount, all you need to do is click Accept and the owner will be notified that you accepted the claim. If the request is for part of the damage deposit amount, you will be sent the rest once the claim is resolved. 

If you disagree with the claim or requested amount, click Disagree and send a message to the owner describing why you can’t accept the claim.  

What if the owner and I can’t reach an agreement?

If you can’t reach an agreement with the owner, try the following before escalating your claim: 

  • Ask them for evidence of the damage, if you haven’t done so already 

  • Ask for copy of any receipts for replaced damaged items. If you’ve got any evidence supporting your argument, send it to the owner

If nothing else works, contact us for further advice. Make sure that you send us any supporting evidence you’ve collected. 

Please note: once the claim is escalated to us, we will make a decision based on the evidence and information we’ve collected from both parties. By passing the dispute to us, you are agreeing that our decision will be final.

If the property owner/manager is holding the damage deposit

The property owner/manager who you booked with is responsible for any repayments of your damage deposit.  
Ask them directly if you’d like to know how your damage deposit will be refunded. Your booking contract might outline a timeframe for refunding your deposit.

If you haven’t yet booked

If you’re thinking of booking and want to know how your damage deposit will work, we recommend asking the owner directly.

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How do I contact the property owner/manager?

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