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My booking request was declined. When will I get my money back?

First of all, please rest assured that you haven’t been charged a penny. When you make a booking request, your payment is simply held by your bank until the owner is ready to accept it. In this case, the owner declined the booking request so we’ve told the bank to release your payment.

To clarify:

  • The pre-authorised payment will usually appear in the pending section of your credit card or bank account.

  • If your booking is declined, we automatically release the payment and you won’t be charged.

  • Depending on the processing time of your bank/credit card account, this could take up to seven working days.

  • When the pre-authorised payment is released, it may appear as a refund on your statement or the original held payment will disappear entirely. Either way, your money will be returned to you and you won’t be charged anything.


Remember: It may take your bank up to a week to stop holding the pre-authorised payment. Please contact your bank directly for more information - you can use your confirmation email about the declined booking as proof.


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